Semináře: How Children Learn a Chalk and Cheese


Semináře pořádané ve spolupráci s Macmillan, které povede Daniela Clarke a vstup je zdarma.
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1) How Children Learn – Teaching pre-school children

Start: 12:30
Pre-school children are natural language learners and have the ability to acquire a foreign language with ease. In this seminar, we will look at the importance of teaching children solely in the target language, without the use of L1 instruction or translation. You will experience a range of effective teaching strategies and activities, consider the pedagogical principles behind them, and look at how they can be used to make learning a foreign language fun, yet purposeful for the children we teach.

2) Chalk and Cheese – Teaching mixed ability classes

Start: 14:00
The hardest lessons to teach are those where the students are of mixed levels, mixed learning abilities, or both. The teacher needs to find a balance to keep the strongest and the weakest students on board. This seminar offers ideas on how to prepare a mixed ability class for the Maturita exam whilst addressing the needs of a wide range of student abilities, sensory learning styles and levels within the class.

Začátek akce: 26. 08. 2014, 12:30
Konec akce: 26. 08. 2014, 15:30